Created directly and personally by a particular artist;  not a copy or imitation.  An "original" artwork creation.

A creation that is as unique and special as you are.  Own an original by Mary Ellen Thomas.  

Through time, mankind has used art to express ideas and feelings.  From ancient cave drawings  to modern paintings, art has adorned the spaces where we live, love, work and play.  

The art we choose aspires to our higher-self.  Art is our source of inspiration which then leads to creation.  The cycle of aspiration, inspiration and creation is the circle of creative life.

Own an original as unique and special as you are.​

Interior Spaces

commissioned art work, uniquely you.  

For the places where you live, Love, work and play.

Your consult with Mary Ellen is the start of the collaborative process.  Time spent together to share the places where your original art will be displayed is the start.  People who know Mary Ellen and even those who have just met Mary Ellen feel as if they have known her their entire lives.  Mary Ellen, like her art, is an original.    

The time you spend talking, sharing and laughing is the source inspiration she draws on to create the unique and one of a kind creation for you.  Your vision is fused with her artistic styles to create the heirloom art works that create the perfect art piece for your interior spaces.

Mary Ellen's originals are a collaboration.  The final result is a priceless and unique masterpiece that is as special as you are. 

Uniquely your own.  An heirloom to cherish forever.

Mary Ellen Thomas

"My art is a collection of who I am, where I have been and the beautiful people who have inspired me along the way.  I always cherish the bond I create with my clients and look forward to the creation that comes from each new opportunity." - Mary Ellen Thomas

The creative process between you and the artist.